Housing and housing finance

Customer perspectives on mortgage arrears and advice seeking in Northern Ireland
Sara Davies, Jamie Evans, Andrea Finney and Yvette Hartfree (2017) Department for Communities

Unsafe safety nets
Elaine Kempson, Janet Ford and Deborah Quilgars (1999) Centre For Housing Policy

Overcrowding in Bangladeshi households
Elaine Kempson (1999) Policy Studies Institute

Paying for peace of mind: access to home contents insurance for low-income households
Claire Whyley, James McCormick and Elaine Kempson (1998) Policy Studies Institute

Bridging the gap? Safety-nets for mortgage borrowers
Janet Ford and Elaine Kempson (1997) Centre For Housing Policy

Rents and work incentives
Elaine Kempson, Michael White and John Forth (1997) Policy Studies Institute

Paying for rented housing: non-dependant deductions from Housing Benefit
Sharon Witherspoon, Claire Whyley and Elaine Kempson (1996) HMSO

Mortgage arrears and possessions: perspectives from borrowers, lenders and the courts
Janet Ford, Elaine Kempson and Marilyn Wilson (1995) HMSO

A foot on the ladder: a survey of households on the margins of renting and owning their home
Elaine Kempson and Karen Mackinnon (1994) HMSO

Household budgeting and housing costs
Elaine Kempson (1993) Policy Studies Institute

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