Helping private tenants achieve financial inclusion

Authors: Claire Whyley*, Andrea Finney and Dawn Muspratt* (* Sliced Bread Consulting)
Funded by: The Nationwide Foundation and Nationwide
Published by: The Nationwide Foundation
Publication date:July 2013 and December 2014

The main aims of this project were to:

The project used a combination of quantitative, qualitative and consultative methods to deliver these objectives, including:

The first output from the study, published in July 2013, was a detailed research report.

Following extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the UK, including through a series of workshops with local practitioners and policymakers, the project culminated in the release of a framework for local action in December 2014. The framework, ‘Making a Difference Locally’, shares the knowledge and experience gained by stakeholders who work with financially excluded private tenants and is intended to act as a call to action to organisations across the UK.

Helping private tenants achieve financial inclusion [ Report (PDF, 1,338kB) | Summary (PDF, 850kB) ]

Tackling private tenants’ financial exclusion - Making a difference locally (PDF, 738kB)

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