Financial exclusion and poverty

The inequality of poverty: exploring the link between the poverty premium and protected characteristics
Sara Davies and David Collings (2021) Fair By Design

Where to withdraw? Mapping access to cash across the UK
Dr Daniel Tischer, Jamie Evans, Katie Cross, Richard Scott and Isobel Oxley (2020) University of Bristol

The poverty premium: a customer perspective
Sara Davies and Lorna Trend (2020) University of Bristol / Turn2Us

From headline statistics to lived experiences: a new approach to measuring the poverty premium
Sara Davies and Andrea Finney (2020) Social Research Practice Journal

Access to essential services for low-income people
Jonathan Bradshaw, Elaine Kempson and Caroline Mullen (2020) European Commission

Poverty and multiple sclerosis: a rapid evidence assessment
Andrea Finney (2020) University of Bristol / Social Research and Statistics

Geographies of access to cash
Jamie Evans, Dr Daniel Tischer and Sara Davies (2020) University of Bristol

Future Quest: Evaluation of a cohort outreach programme (PDF, 724kB)
Sara Davies (2021) University of Bristol

Mapping the availability of cash
Dr Daniel Tischer, Jamie Evans and Sara Davies (2019) University of Bristol

Making the Poverty Premium History - A practical guide for business and policy makers
Sara Davies and Andrea Finney (2017) University of Bristol

The Poverty Premium - When low-income households pay more for essential goods and services
Sara Davies, Andrea Finney and Yvette Hartfree (2016) University of Bristol

Widening participation? Exploring the effect of financial support and outreach on the choices and experiences of students in Bristol
Sara Davies and Richard Harris (2016) University of Bristol

Locating credit and debt within an anti-poverty strategy for the UK
Yvette Hartfree and Sharon Collard (2015) Policy Press

Helping private tenants achieve financial inclusion
Claire Whyley, Andrea Finney and Dawn Muspratt (2013 and 2014) Nationwide Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Producing an Anti-Poverty Strategy for the UK - Evidence Reviews 
Yvette Hartfree and Sharon Collard (2014) Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Beverley A Searle and Stephan Köppe (2014) Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Helping private tenants achieve financial inclusion
Claire Whyley, Andrea Finney and Dawn Muspratt (2013) Nationwide Foundation

Developing a vision for financial inclusion
Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard (2012) Friends Provident Foundation

Evaluation of the financial inclusion Growth Fund
Sharon Collard, Chris Hale and Laurie Day (2011) Financial Inclusion Taskforce

"You just have to get by" – Coping with low incomes and cold homes
Will Anderson, Vicki White and Andrea Finney (2010) eaga Charitable Trust

Regression analysis of the unbanked using the 2006-07 Family Resources Survey
Andrea Finney and Elaine Kempson (2009) HM Treasury

Financial services provision and the prevention of financial exclusion
(2008) European Commission

Toward financial inclusion in the UK: progress and challenges
Sharon Collard (2007) Public Money and Management

Understanding older people’s experiences of poverty and material deprivation
Nicola Dominy and Elaine Kempson (2006) Corporate Document Services

Migrants and financial services: a review of the situation in the United Kingdom
Adele Atkinson (2006) PFRC

Affordable credit for low-income households
Sharon Collard and Elaine Kempson (2005) The Policy Press

Young people: avoiding banking exclusion
Adele Atkinson (2004) World Savings Banks Institute

Policy level response to financial exclusion in developed economies: lessons for developing countries
Elaine Kempson, Adele Atkinson and Odile Pilley (2004) Department for International Development

Developing deprivation questions for the Family Resources Survey
Stephen McKay and Sharon Collard (2003) Department for Work and Pensions

Promoting financial inclusion: An assessment of initiatives using a community select committee approach
Sharon Collard, Elaine Kempson and Nicola Dominy (2003) The Policy Press

Ending fuel poverty and financial exclusion: a market feasibility report
Sharon Collard (2001) Ofgem

Tackling financial exclusion: an area based approach
Sharon Collard, Elaine Kempson and Claire Whyley (2001) The Policy Press

In or out? Financial exclusion: a literature and research review
Elaine Kempson, Sharon Collard, Claire Whyley and John Caskey (2001) Financial Services Authority

Women and personal finance: the reality of the gender gap (PDF, 242kB)
(2001) Financial Services Authority

Kept out or opted out? Understanding and combating financial exclusion 
Elaine Kempson and Claire Whyley (1999) The Policy Press

Access to current accounts
Elaine Kempson and Claire Whyley (1998) British Bankers' Association

Local living costs: variations in the costs borne by low-income households
Elaine Kempson and Fran Bennett (1997) Policy Studies Institute

Life on a low income
Elaine Kempson (1996) York Publishing Services Ltd.

Hard times? How poor families make ends meet
Elaine Kempson, Alex Bryson and Karen Rowlingson (1994) Policy Studies Institute

Outside the banking system: a review of households without a current account
Elaine Kempson (1994) HMSO

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