Financial confidence, capability and wellbeing

Coronavirus Financial Impact Tracker
PFRC (2021) Standard Life Foundation

Developing a theory of change and evaluation plan for your resource (PDF, 3,039kB)
Andrea Finney (2020) Young Money 

Measuring Financial Capability in Children and Young People (PDF, 3,390kB)
Tom Clarke and Andrea Finney (2018) Money Advice Service

Financial capability and retirement
Personal Finance Research Centre (2017) Money Advice Service

Financial Well-being: A Conceptual Model and Preliminary Analysis
Elaine Kempson, Andrea Finney and Christian Poppe (2017) SIFO Consumption Research Norway

Defining, measuring and predicting financial capability in the UK
Andrea Finney (2016) Money Advice Service

The Momentum Household Financial Wellness Index
Personal Finance Research Centre (2016) Momentum UK

Analysis of the 2008-10 Wealth and Assets Survey

Hard Times: Financial wellbeing among low and middle earners
Andrea Finney, David Hayes and Yvette Hartfree (2015) Trades Union Congress

What makes the wealthy wealthy? The composition of wealth across the wealth distribution and its determinants
Andrea Finney (2015) Trades Union Congress

Financial capability in Great Britain, 2010 to 2012 
Andrea Finney and David Hayes (2015) Office for National Statistics

Understanding the profile of those most at risk of detriment as a result of low financial capability 
David Hayes, Sharon Collard and Elaine Kempson (2015) Money Advice Service

Measuring levels of financial capability and the effectiveness of financial education 
World Bank (2013) Professor Elaine Kempson (lead consultant and first author of two publications)

The financial impacts of cancer 
Andrea Finney, Sara Davies, David Hayes and Sharon Collard (2012) Macmillan Cancer Support

Quids in: the impact of financial skills training for social housing tenants 
Sharon Collard, with Andrea Finney, David Hayes and Sara Davies (2012) Santander and Citizens Advice

Measuring financial capability using a short survey instrument: Instruction manual
Adele Atkinson (2011) University of Bristol

Framework for the development of financial literacy baseline surveys: a first international comparative analysis
Elaine Kempson (2010) OECD

Exposed? Modelling patterns of financial risk amongst working-age adults using latent class analysis
Adele Atkinson and Andrea Finney (2008) Genworth Financial

Evidence of impact: an overview of financial education evaluations
Adele Atkinson (2008) Financial Services Authority

Snakes and ladders: a longitudinal study of financial difficulty
Adele Atkinson, Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard (2008) University of Bristol

Financial capability in Northern Ireland
Adele Atkinson (2007) Consumer Council for Northern Ireland

Financial capability amongst adults with literacy and numeracy needs
Adele Atkinson (2007) Basic Skills Agency

Levels of financial capability in the UK
Adele Atkinson, Stephen McKay, Sharon Collard and Elaine Kempson (2007) Public Money & Management

Financial capability in Ireland
Sharon Collard (2006)

Overstretched: people at risk of financial difficulties
Elaine Kempson and Adele Atkinson (2006) Genworth Financial

Baseline survey of financial capability in the UK: results of a baseline survey
Adele Atkinson, Stephen McKay, Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard (2006) Financial Services Authority

Measuring financial capability
Elaine Kempson, Sharon Collard and Nick Moore (2005) Financial Services Authority

Introducing financial capability skills: a pilot study with Fairbridge West
Adele Atkinson (2005) Fairbridge West

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