Advice and information

2016 outcome evaluation of debt advice funded by Money Advice Service
Andrea Finney (2017) Money Advice Service

Study on access to comprehensive financial guidance for consumers
Observatoire de l’Epargne Européenne (OEE - European Savings Institute); the Personal Finance Research Centre (University of Bristol); Institute for Financial Services (iff); National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud); and individual experts (Roslyn Russell, Jozica Kutin and Tanja Jørgensen) (2016) European Commission

MAS Debt Advice Outcomes Framework
Personal Finance Research Centre (2013) Money Advice Service

Public Legal Education Evaluation Framework
Sharon Collard, Chris Deeming, Lisa Wintersteiger, Martin Jones and John Seargeant (2012) Law For Life

Money Guidance Pathfinder - A report to the FSA
Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard (2010) Consumer Financial Education Body

An independent review of the fee-charging debt management industry
Sharon Collard (2009) Money Advice Trust

Quality of advice review
Elaine Kempson (2008) Financial Services Authority

Money advice outreach pilots: The providers perspective and client interviews
Sharon Collard, Laurie Day, Vicky Davis and Carolyn Hay (2008) Legal Services Commission

Consumer purchasing and outcomes survey
Andrea Finney and Elaine Kempson (2008) Financial Services Authority

An evaluation of the FSA leaflet on Basic Bank Accounts
Nick Moore (2006) Financial Services Authority

Managing multiple debts: experiences of County Court Administration Orders among debtors, creditors and advisors
Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard (2004) Department for Constitutional Affairs

Good, bad or indifferent? The quality of money advice in Scotland
Sharon Collard and Bob Burrows (2002) Money Advice Scotland

Quality assured? An assessment of the quality of independent money advice
Sharon Collard, Jane Steele and Elaine Kempson (2000) Money Advice Trust

Fee or Free? The role of fee-charging debt advice companies in money advice provision
Claire Whyley and Sharon Collard (1999) Federation of Independent Advice Centres

Money advice and debt counselling
Elaine Kempson (1995) Policy Studies Institute

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