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We warmly welcome applications from students within the EU and overseas. We have a long history of hosting postgraduate students from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia/New Zealand in the School.

For home and some EU students, you may be eligible for studentships funded by the UK research councils in Human Geography (e.g. the ESRC) and Physical Geography (e.g. NERC and EPSRC).

We also have experience in supporting students from overseas who would not be eligible for UK research council funding, but who either self-fund or win scholarships from their own country.

If you would like help with finding out how you might attain funding for postgraduate study at Bristol – please see our pages on funding postgraduate study in the first instance. You can also search for funding opportunities available to you.

Please feel free to contact us to request further information. We are involved every year in supporting students in attaining scholarships from many different countries, and will do what we can to help. Please send your initial enquiry to

For more details, including example projects, please see Physical Geography PhD, Physical Geography MSc by Research, and Human Geography PhD.

Case Study

My research aims to understand the geographical variation of aggressive behaviour across neighbourhoods in the city of Medellin, Colombia, as well as the importance of structural and social neighbourhood conditions such as poverty and social control.

My PhD is funded by a mix of grant and loan student from the COLCIENCIAS Science & Technology Program (Colombia) and the University I work for in Colombia (the University of Antioquia).

Additionally, since the COLCIENCIAS programme does not include any money for books or conferences, I have done some work at the University of Bristol as an auxiliary librarian, teaching assistant and research assistant.

These university-based jobs have flexible schedules, meaning that I have been able to do them without reducing my productivity as a researcher, and while still enjoying University life.

Beatriz Caicedo Velasque
Supervisor: Professor Kelvyn Jones

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