Experimental Psychology External Advisory Board

The aim of our External Advisory Board (EAB) is to ensure that as a school of psychology we remain outward facing, dynamic and competitive in our research and teaching. By drawing on the expertise of key figures from industry and the psychology and charity sectors our EAB helps us identify and collate sector and employer needs that can be fed back into our teaching to enhance the real-world relevance of our courses and the employability of our graduates.

The EAB also acts as a vehicle for us to promote enterprise and research collaborations between the School and non-academic organisations. Our board members are drawn from across the UK, but we have a particular focus on links with the Bristol community.

The External Advisory Board is made up of representatives from across industry, psychology and charity sectors.

Meet our Experimental Psychology External Advisory Board

 External Board Members



Anne Burrell
 Emma Bertenshaw
Jaime Marshall
Jen Stein
Jenny Barnett
Jenny Maxwell
Martin Bunnage
 Miles Woodroffe
Rosie Oldham-Cooper
Sophie Dix
Steve Gatfield (Chair)


Internal Board Members

Angela Rowe
 Bruce Hood
Charlotte Bell
Chris Jarrold (Chair)
David Turk
Ian Penton-Voak
 Jeff Brunstrom
 John Fennell
 Melissa Werrett