Leverhulme programme team

University of Bristol

Professor Tariq Modood, Director of CSEC. 25+ grants and consultancies (UK, European and US). 10 (co-) authored and (co-) edited books and over fifty articles or chapters. His current research is on the theory and practice of multiculturalism in Europe, with a special focus on Muslims; and on ‘race’ and ethnicity in British HE and labour markets. He is regular media and policy contributor and was awarded a MBE for services to social science and ethnic relations in 2001.

Professor Steve Fenton, Sociology, Assistant Director of CSEC. Author and Editor of books on Ethnicity, Social Theory; contributor to academic journals ; and experienced manager of publicly funded research within the field of ethnicity for over three decades. He has just finished major projects on labour markets and on health inequalities, and a new book on ethnicity.

Professor Ron Johnston, School of Geographical Sciences, has studied ethnic segregation for over 30 years, most recently with colleagues in Australia in a major comparative study of five countries using newly-developed methods of spatial analysis. 4 authored or co-edited and 53 articles or chapters.

Dr Judith Squires, Senior Lecturer in Political Theory, working on gender and ‘difference’. 2 grants, 7 (co-) authored and (co-) edited books and 26 articles or chapters. Her current research includes the political theory of multiculturalism and the sociology of public intellectuals.

Dr Suruchi Thapar-Bjorkert, Lecturer in Sociology. Two grants, one book in press and 15+ articles or chapters She has researched on gender, ethnicity and nationalism in S. Asia and UK for over ten years. Her most recent research explores dilemmas of interviewing ethnic minorities of South Asian descent.

Ann Singleton, Research Fellow, School for Policy Studies on assignment to the EC, with ten years experience in the analysis of migration and asylum data.

University College London

Professor John Salt: Director of MRU. 28 grants and consultancies over the last 10 years. 120+ publications. Royal Geographical Society Edward Heath Award for contributions to the study of population and migration in Europe (1993). Major fields of interest are highly skilled migration and smuggling/trafficking.

Dr. Khalid Koser has worked on forced migration for over 10 years. Research has been funded by ESRC, UK Home Office and IOM. 25+ publications in the field. He is currently working on a project for the Home Office on social networks.

Dr Janet Dobson, Senior Research Fellow, specialist in international labour migration research and policy analysis, including pupil mobility in schools. She is currently working with Salt on an EU 5th framework project on European labour migration.

Dr. Paul Densham, Reader in Geography. Specialist in Geographical Information Systems and worked on the Feasibility Study for a European Migration Observatory and is Co-Director (with Salt) of the European Migration Information System.

Professor Alan Gilbert is a specialist on urbanisation and development issues currently working with Koser on a HO funded project on social networks and asylum seeking.

Dr Claire Dwyer has research interests in the geographies of race and ethnicity, gender, multiculturalism and transnationality. Her current research (ESRC) analyses transnational identity construction. 10+ publications. She is particularly interested in Muslim and gender issues.

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