News in 2010

  • Research success in migration 17 November 2010 Marta Bolognani and Katherine Charsley have been awarded a grant from the Bristol Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) to hold a research workshop entitled: 'International migration at Bristol University: taking stock of existing multidisciplinary interest and preparing for future collaborations'.
  • Tariq Modood: We need a multiculturalism of hope 24 September 2010 New article in The Guardian: We need a multiculturalism of hope
  • Tariq Modood: 'Still not easy being British' 17 September 2010 The late 1980s and early 1990s in Britain saw dramatic shifts in race relations.
  • Paul Statham: New project on return migration 8 September 2010 Professor Paul Statham and Dr Marta Bolognani have been successful in acquiring significant funds for their contribution to an international project on return migration.
  • AHRC award for Tariq Modood 24 July 2010 Professor Tariq Modood has been awarded an AHRC Fellowship for 2010-11 to release him from some of his university duties to allow him to write and complete a book manuscript on 'Secularism and the Accommodation of Muslims in Western Europe'.
  • New impact figures for Ethnicities 21 July 2010 New impact figures for the journal Ethnicities have been released. According to the Journal Citation Report, Ethnicities, edited at the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship, has improved its standing significantly.
  • Latest Publication News 14 June 2010 A second edition of Professor Steve Fenton's Ethnicity has been released.
  • Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship Anniversary 14 June 2010 A reception was recently held to celebrate the Centre's 10th anniversary.
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