Academic development seminars and workshops

The Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences have organised a series of seminars designed to introduce staff to news ideas from both within and outside the University of Bristol.  Staff from across the University are welcome to attend. 






22nd October 2013 12-1pm C42, Medical Sciences Hannah Tweddell, Ash Tierney, Chris Willmore (Bristol, ESD Unit) Embedding sustainability: What next?
19th November 2013 12-1pm C44 Medical Sciences Paul Howard-Jones (Bristol, GSoE) Increasing interaction, engagement and learning through game-based lectures.
12th December 2013 1-2 pm C44, Medical Sciences Viv Rolfe (UWE, Division of biomedical Sciences) An update on open education in life sciences.
7th January 2014 1-2 pm C42, Medical Sciences Colin Lumsden (Manchester, e-learning lead for medicine) Using mobile technologies in Undergraduate Medical Education: The Manchester Experience.
3rd February 2014 1-2 pm C44, Medical Sciences Dudley Shallcross (Bristol, Chemistry) Primary objectives: Holistic learning ideas from Primary School.
25th February 2014 1-2pm C44 Medical Sciences Julian Rivers & Tony Prosser (Bristol, Law) How Law develop the skills of argument in writing.
24th March 2014 1-2 pm C44 Medical Sciences Jenny Koenig (Cambridge, Pharmacology) Teaching and Learning Maths within the Biosciences.
6th May 2014 12-1 pm C42, Medical Sciences Patricia Broadfoot (Bristol, GSoE) Revolutionising Assessment?
3rd June 2014 1-2 pm C44, Medical Sciences Julian Park (Reading, Life Sciences) What’s the value of the value in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?