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Publication - Professor Patrick Godfrey

    A view of Systems Practice: Enabling quality in design


    Dunford, CN, Yearworth, M, York, DM & Godfrey, P, 2013, ‘A view of Systems Practice: Enabling quality in design’. Systems Engineering, vol 16., pp. 134-151


    The purpose of the study was to gain a greater understanding of the use of Systems Practice among engineers working in the Rolls-Royce Defence Sector at its Bristol site and develop hypotheses about its use. This study is part of a larger project to investigate and improve the use and embedding of Systems Practice among engineers at the site. The current situation was studied using a combination of grounded theory and system dynamics, supported by the use of a computer-aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) package. The results from this work show that Systems Practice is valued as a way of enabling quality in design but engineers find it challenging to adopt because of (i) lack of stakeholder appreciation of its value, (ii) their lack of experience with Systems Engineering, and (iii) logistical issues with its application. This work will be followed by group model building sessions to further develop the findings by identifying interventions to create and assess improvement in Systems Practice, in particular finding errors earlier in the design lifecycle.

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