Information for new students 2019 entry

This section will give you the information you need to prepare for your PGCE study at Bristol in 2019/20 and will be updated when new information is available.

Please remember to update your correspondence details via UCAS Teacher Training. This is vital so that both we and UCAS can contact you.

DBS Enhanced Disclosure Certificates

If you already have Enhanced Disclosure for the Child Workforce and have signed up for the update service; you do not need to make a new application through DBS. Further details on the service can be found here:

If you do not already have Enhanced Disclosure for the Child Workforce, you will need to make a new application and we will send you an application form once you have been made an offer.

NEW INFORMATION (as of August 2019)

Please find here some information for all offer-holders for 2019 entry.  You should read this and take action where appropriate. Note: you will NOT be able to register until 26th August 2019.

NEW INFORMATION (as of July 2019)

 Information for offer-holders 

Primary School Experience/Foundation Experience

The PGCE begins with one week's experience at a primary school of your choice. During the week commencing 20th May 2019, we sent updated primary school information to everyone whose offer of a place on the programme was made prior to that date. Any new offer-holders will be sent all the relevant information with their offer pack.

School Direct student-teachers' primary school experience will be arranged by the lead school of their School Direct partnership and do not need to arrange this experience themselves.

Training Bursary

There is no application process for the government training bursary - this is processed automatically by the PGCE office for eligible individuals. Once you have met the conditions of your offer and hold an unconditional offer, you will need to accept this and then we will send you a letter giving details of the amount of bursary and the payment structure. The amount of bursary that you will be eligible for is determined by your PGCE programme and your degree grade. Please refer to the Department of Education website for exact training busary figures.

Bursary letters will be sent to firmly accepted unconditional offer holders on a rolling basis from April onwards. 

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