Current projects

Title: Bristol Partnership for Learning with Digital Technologies
Funder: Partnership for Schools & Bristol Local Authority, PI: Ros Sutherland

Title: Large-Scale multidisciplinary Research (STELLAR)
Funder: EU-FP7 Network of Excellence, Co-PI: Ros Sutherland

Title: Supporting the transfer from primary to secondary schools
Funder: The Society of Merchant Venturers, PI: Ros Sutherland

Title: Links between economic activity and maths learning
Funder: Leverhulme (£90,000), PI: Tim Jay
This project was concluded successfully in 2012.

Title:  "Everyday Maths: Empowering parents to support children's learning of mathematics"
Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, PI: Tim Jay, CI: Jo Rose, (£120,000), Jan 2013-Oct-2014

Title: TDA support for ICT in Initial Teacher Training, PI: Alf Coles, Laurinda Brown
Funder: Training & Development Agency (£5000)
This project has led to developments across the PGCE course in the use of ICT.

Title: Tackling underachievement in primary mathematics, PI: Alf Coles
Funder: Rayne Foundation (£20,000)
This is an on-going project. Alf is leading a bid to the ESRC to extend this work.

Title: Overcoming the mathematical barriers to participation in HEI
Funder: Widening Participation Research Fund. Co-I: Ros Sutherland, Alf Coles, Tim Jay

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