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Tangible Memories installation

27 September 2014, 10 am

On 27 September the installation entitled “Tangible Memories” will be on display at the M Shed, Bristol.

“It’s helping your child experience the world”: How parents can use everyday activities to engage their children's mathematical learning

29 September 2014, 5 pm

This seminar presents the content and preliminary findings of the "Everyday Maths workshops" for parents.

Debating Validity: The Concepts and The Word

8 October 2014, 3 pm

CAER hosts Paul Newton, Professor of Educational Assessment at the Institute of Education London, to discuss the hotly debated meanings of 'validity'.

The Rise of Testing and the Demise of Teacher Assessment in Australia

23 October 2014, 4 pm

Professor Val Klenowski of Queensland University of Technology discusses the high-stakes nature of testing in Australia and critically examines emergent issues for students, schools, parents and systems, arguing for a more balanced approach of formative and summative assessment.