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Tangible Memories: Community in Care

30 April 2014, 12.30 pm

People are living longer and many of us will spend the last several years of our lives in an institutionalised setting, away from the day-to-day personal relationships, familiar things and significant places that defined our sense of community and enriched our quality of life.

The Role of English Language Teaching and Testing in China

30 April 2014, 4 pm

Institute for Advanced Studies Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Lianzhen HE (Zhejiang University China), highlights the ongoing reform in the testing of English language proficiency in the broader context of the reform of National College Entrance Exam in China

What's powerful about play?

30 April 2014, 5 pm

In conjunction with the Bristol Play Network, Dr Sarah Eagle and Dr Paul Strauss will explore how play, playfulness and informality are important counterpoints to formal learning.

The strange death of UK civil defence education in the 1980s: why was there no successor to ‘Protect and Survive’?

7 May 2014, 11 am

Professor John Preston, Cass school of education and communities, University of East London

'Ability': Contemporary schooling's most over-rated concept?

7 May 2014, 5 pm

In this presentation, Dr Barry Hymer will provide research evidence that what a person believes about their ability is far more important than their ability itself.

Learning oriented assessment - a systemic review

12 May 2014, 4.30 pm

Director of Research and Validation of Cambridge English, Dr Nick Saville joins us for a CAER seminar on learning oriented assessment.

Animating Science Teaching and Learning

13 May 2014, 12.30 pm

This presentation reports on two projects that explored working with secondary and primary school teachers and teacher trainees to pilot creating animations as a means of learning about a range of different science processes. It was found that making animations in school was enjoyed by nearly everyone and aids understanding and memory in a number of ways

Development of a School-based English Proficiency Test

14 May 2014, 4 pm

Institute for Advanced Studies Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor, Professor Lianzhen HE (Zhejiang University China), rejoins us to report on an effort that is being made at one national key university in China to develop a school-based English language proficiency test as exit requirement.

What counts as powerful knowledge? Public symposium

16 May 2014, 9 am

Exploring the questions which underscore contemporary public debate about education, from debates around the future of university disciplines to arguments about the speed at which schools should respond to technological and economic change.

Master class - Getting ideas into action

21 May 2014, 9.30 am

Integrating research and practice in networked improvement communities in education with Professor Anthony Bryk

Getting ideas into action: designing networked improvement communities

21 May 2014, 5 pm

This public lecture is organised by the Graduate School of Education, in association with the Cabot Institute, International Centre for Infrastructure Futures, the Southern Educational Leadership Trust, and the Hampshire Teaching Schools Alliance.

Breaking news and building bridges: How journalists and academics can be friends

10 June 2014, 5 pm

Sue Littlemore and Jonathan Drori CBE will be debating the relationship between education and the media.

Action Research with schools

11 June 2014, 5 pm

'Action Research' is currently being encouraged in schools as a means for staff to research their own practice and use their findings to facilitate improvements in pupil achievement.

Encouraging creativity in early years education

12 June 2014, 5 pm

This workshop will explore the many aspects which contribute to making a rich and creative learning environment.

Learning to think like designers and engineers; the 'Future Brunels' three years on

16 June 2014, 4.45 pm

Each year, twelve young people from four Bristol schools have been chosen to join a five year programme designed to inspire them to become the next generation of Brunels.

Celebrating 20 years of the SENCO

17 June 2014, 5 pm

In this session the GSoE will celebrate the work of SENCOs and their pupils from three schools in Bristol.

Spirited Arts poetry slam

18 June 2014, 3 pm

Spirited Arts is a national annual competition for school students that invites them to respond creatively to spiritual themes.

Is science magic? Is magic science?

18 June 2014, 5 pm

Dr Jocelyn Wishart (GSoE, University of Bristol) and Stuart Nolan (Research Magician) will be exploring the impact of using magic and illusions in the classroom.

Education’s aims or school subjects – which come first?

26 June 2014, 5 pm

Professor Michael Reiss will be exploring the fundamental aims of school education, and arguing that curriculum development should start with aims rather than, as is typically the case, with subjects.

Day Conference - Living at the Sharp End of Environmental Uncertainty in Small Island States

17 July 2014, 9 am

Day conference bringing together participants from small states in the Caribbean, the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean along with researchers from across the University of Bristol and wider UK. We will be learning from small states living at the sharp end and exploring implications for sustainability and Education for Sustainable Development. Registration required.