Centre for International and Comparative Studies (ICS)


ICS research challenges the uncritical international transfer of educational policies, practices, theories and research modalities by exploring the significance of contextual and cultural differences in education, societal and international development.

The Centre is pioneering the development of grounded and collaborative international research partnerships and the advancement of comparative theorising, context –sensitive research strategies and related capacity building initiatives. In doing so the work of the centre bridges theoretical scholarship with studies of the formulation and implementation of educational policy and practice.

Audience and impact

Our work serves an audience of academic researchers concerned with methodological and theoretical dimensions of comparative education, and policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders engaged in  education, innovation and international development. We have specialist interests in low income countries, Commonwealth small states and European education systems.

We aim to have an impact upon the successful implementation of educational reform worldwide, and on improved understanding of comparative research methodologies, the processes of international transfer, and the quality of education.

Research methodology and questions

ICS emphasises context-sensitive, multidisciplinary and multilevel research designed to develop grounded understandings of educational policy formulation and implementation processes

Key research questions include how we can: