Centre for Knowledge, Culture and Society (KCS)

The Centre for Knowledge, Culture and Society is an interdisciplinary centre concerned with understanding the cultures and politics of knowledge production, education and learning in contemporary society and their implications for socially just and sustainable futures.

In particular, we explore:

  • The interfaces, productive tensions and conflicts that emerge between different knowledge production practices (for example, between professional and parental, academic and civil society, global and local).
  • The interconnections, relationships and tensions that exist between learning practices in different settings and cultures (for example, this might manifest itself in tension around the relationship between indigenous knowledge and western science, or between local and national curricula, rural and urban).
  • The material and discursive foundations of knowledge and learning (for example, the roles of language, materiality, technology, place, institution and methodologies in producing distinctive forms of knowledge).

Featured publication

Understanding the Gender Gap in Literacy and Language

This report was written following a high profile research project funded by Save the Children.

Featured Project

Connected Communities is Cross-Research Council programme led by AHRC, designed to help us understand the changing nature of communities in their historical and cultural contexts and the role of communities in sustaining and enhancing our quality of life.


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Centre Co-Directors
Professor Keri Facer
Dr Lisa Lucas
Dr Helen Manchester
Dr Sue Timmis

Centre Research Assistant
Dulce Rodriguez

Students at KCS
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