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Late Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Vázquez continues to inspire students

28 August 2020

Artemio Cortez and Carolina Valladares have written a blog which details their doctoral research activity abroad and about the international links they discovered within the School of Education.

Whilst attending the International Conference on Educational Research and Evaluation in Mexico, Artemio and Carolina learnt about the contributions of Mexican Scholars in the field of Education, in particular the work of Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Vázquez (JM).

‘JM’ was a renowned Mexican scholar who worked at the Mexican Polytechnic and at the School of Education (formerly known as the Graduate School of Education), University of Bristol after his retirement.

This fantastic introduction made them keen to explore JM’s life and contributions to the School of Education. They discovered connections between JM and Professor Michael Crossley, Emeritus Professor of Comparative and International Education and Founding Director of CIRE, discovering the various research projects they worked on together in Belize, Central America and in Northern Pakistan.

Read the School of Education blog to find out how JM’s legacy continues to inspire, educate, and give hope to the future generations of students at the School of Education.


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