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Tackling Bristol’s ‘educational inequality crisis’

8 October 2018

New research from the School of Education has confirmed that there is a shocking divide in educational opportunities for young people in Bristol depending on where they live in the city.

A lack of opportunities for young people living in disadvantaged areas has resulted in stark differences in progression rates to higher education, ranging from 8.6 per cent in Hartcliffe in South Bristol to 100 per cent in Clifton in West Bristol.

Professor Rosamund Sutherland, who led the research in the School of Education at the University of Bristol, said: “Bristol is considered to be a prosperous city with an educational system that on average performs well. In reality, Bristol has more areas categorised as being in the most deprived 10 per cent in England than other cities in the country, with stark differences in educational opportunities for young people depending on where they live.

“Addressing these inequalities is a collective responsibility; everyone has a role to play, from the local authority to schools, FE colleges and universities. Our research has clearly shown that a combination of structural factors are working against the most disadvantaged students in Bristol. Now these barriers have been identified, we need to urgently start addressing them.”

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