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How do touchscreens affect toddlers’ play, learning and social skills?

21 November 2018

Toddlers are being sought for a new research project looking into how touchscreens affect young children’s play, learning, and social skills.

Dr Elena Hoicka, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, is inviting local parents to bring their two or three-year-olds into the University to take part in a one-hour study.

She said: "With technology changing and becoming more interactive, we believe it is important to find out how new technologies affect children early on."

This study seeks to determine if playing with an app increases or inhibits play in the physical world.

During the session, parents will play with their child for 10 minutes, either with an app on a tablet, or with some toys. Then a researcher will play a game with the child for five minutes and see how their response differs after playing with apps or toys.

Parents can find more details and sign up for an appointment online.

For more information, read the university press release

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