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Peggy Styles, 85, passes her EdD Viva


19 January 2017

Many congratulations to Peggy Styles, who at 85 years old, has passed her EdViva. Her thesis title was, “Old wives Tales? Changing my Perception of the World”.

Peggy’s research was inspired by her grandson, who asked her for help with his school project on what it was like to live through World War Two. The purpose of the research was initially to acquaint the next generation with the history of the 20th Century from a human and family perspective, and also to mark the gradual changes in attitude to the education of women which has taken place within living memory.

Peggy Styles began her eight year EdD journey with Professor Jane Speedy and then went on to work with Dr Malcolm Reed and Laurinda Brown, Reader in Mathematics Teacher Education. She has shown great resilience in her journey to becoming Dr Styles; having been hospitalised for a period of time followed by the death of her husband.

Laurinda Brown said, “What I am always struck by is her indomitable spirit forged in the nomadic historical movements of her family across Europe provoked by the world wars. There has never been any doubt in my mind that Peggy would finish this work of family history with reflections on differences in how women were educated even though it took 8 years. She is an inspirational woman and it’s been a pleasure to work with her”.

From everyone here at the GSoE, we congratulate Peggy on this remarkable achievement and wish her the very best for the next chapter in her life!

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