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GSoE spearheads the development of a new state-of-the-art second language speech laboratory

Strategic set up consultation team

Consultation team
Image by Nath Cox

The April 2013 visit of IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Ron Thomson (Brock University, Canada), who has a background in both phonetics and applied linguistics, marks the initial phase of the development of a sound-attenuated second language speech lab at the University of Bristol.

Establishing the lab is a key component of Talia Isaacs’ four-year European Commission funded Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, which broadly examines oral communication breakdowns and strategies in settings where stakes for achieving successful communication are high, with the lab serving to optimise the elicitation, editing, and analysis of high-quality speech samples.

The lab will serve as a key component for engaging in capacity building, and, ultimately, for putting the Graduate School of Education on the map as a centre of emerging research strength in this area.

The above picture shows the consultation team on the strategic setup of the stand-alone on campus facility with Professor Leon Tikly (GSoE Research Director), Dr Talia Isaacs, Dr Ron Thomson, Mr Hassan Qutub (Doctor of Education student researching pronunciation), and Mrs Mary O’Connell (Senior Executive Assistant managing lab-related logistics).