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Professor Beverly Lindsay's Geopolitics seminar - view online

27 July 2011

Professor Beverly Lindsay presented on the subject "Universities and Global Diversity in a Geopolitical Era" as part of the Bristol Festival of Education. You can view her presentation here.

Professor Beverly Lindsay visited Bristol from Penn State University to deliver a seminar on "Universities and Global Diversity in a Geopolitical Era", as part of the Bristol Festival of Education in June. 

In conjunction with the Centre for International and Comparative Studies here at the Graduate School, Professor Lindsay talked about how geopolitical changes can effect the nature and definition of universities around the world.  Her talk focused particularly on studies of educational institutions in the Caribbean, the Middle East and Australia, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America.

View Professor Lindsay's presentation (Office document, 688kB), and read her abstract below:

"In a myriad of nations, the terms diversity and globalization are buzz words that portray a variety of interpretations and policy implications for social and political institutions.  Within university communities, mission statements and strategic plans advocate diversity and articulate the importance of globalization.  In examining concepts and policies pertaining to diversity and globalization, we raise fundamental queries to and within university communities in various geopolitical areas, that is, those defined by continental, geographical, judicial, and/or political boundaries.  This presentation further seeks to analyze critically the nexus between globalization and diversity as it affects the preparation of professionals - in an array of educational environments - taking into account the extensive changes in cultural, economic, and sociopolitical dynamics within nations and regions that have been manifested during the past decade.  Specific illustrations pertaining to Australia, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States, Jamaica, and the Middle East are explicated."

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