Bristol Conversations in Education - What’s wrong with universal literacy? Thinking in the pluriverse for sustainable and equitable futures in vulnerable times


4 March 2020, 4.00 PM - 4 March 2020, 5.00 PM

Dr Mia Perry, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Glasgow

Helen Wodehouse Lecture Theatre, School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA

This event is part of the School of Education's 'Bristol Conversations in Education' seminar series. These seminars are free and open to the public.

Speaker: Dr Mia Perry, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Glasgow

Mia Perry challenges the status quo of literacies policy and practice in the context of international development and sustainability studies and proposes an alternative. Despite our extensive knowledge of the interrelationship between humans and environment, current models of literacy education continue to exist within paradigms of humanism and social constructivism, both of which are human-centred. Environmental degradation is creating unprecedented socio-economic vulnerabilities, primarily for those already marginalised, and current literacy education is insufficient to mitigate this unjust trend in our collective futures. Dr Perry’s talk explores pluriversal literacies education. An approach that accounts for knowledge production and semiotics as it emerges with and beyond the human (i.e., the posthuman); with and beyond situated contexts (i.e., the interrelational). 

Bio: Mia Perry is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow, working in literacies, social arts, and formal and public pedagogies. Her research spans international contexts and bridges disciplines, sectors, and media. Mia is particularly interested in methodologies of teaching and research, and the role of the arts, cultural practice, and play in those encounters. Currently, Mia works in partnership with scholars, artists, and community organisations in Africa, Europe and North America, addressing literacy as it relates to decoloniality and socio-ecological sustainability issues.


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