What are universities for in a post - truth world? (KCS)

23 March 2017, 12.30 PM - 23 March 2017, 2.30 PM

Nello Cristianini (Computing, Bristol), Malcolm Fairbrother (Geography, Bristol), Gemma Moss (Education, UCL), Antonia Walford (Anthropology. UCL) Chair: Keri Facer

Hepple Lecture Theatre — School of Geographical Sciences School of Geographical Sciences

The panel will provide a platform for discussion and analysis of the category of post-truth in relation to the cultures and the politics of knowledge production.

Recent developments in politics and public culture have been signalling a moment of crisis in the notions of expertise and creation of knowledge. We will examine the usefulness of the concept of post-truth in the understanding of emerging practices and regimes of knowledge. Through investigating the ways in which the university engages with the notions of “post-truth”, we will interrogate the politics, economics, practices and spaces in which “post-truth” is being produced, circulated and contested. The panel will take a critical perspective engaging with the studies exploring the production of truth in a wider socioeconomic and cultural context.

Refreshments served from 12:30.


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