Bristol Conversations in Education - Navigating the City: Learning and Everyday Life


12 July 2017, 1.00 PM - 12 July 2017, 2.00 PM

Colin McFarlene

Room 4.10, 35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1JA

This event is part of the Graduate School of Education's 'Bristol Conversations in Education' seminar series. 

How might we conceptualise and research everyday life at the margins of global urbanism? What conceptual resources might we use to name the practices through which residents get by, get on, and navigate the city in and beyond marginal urban contexts? In the relative absence of formal infrastructure systems, service provision and state welfare, everyday life entails a process of forging connections, capacities and opportunities in often insecure and unpredictable contexts. The social infrastructures that people put together or become enrolled within in order to help sustain life, as well as the limits of and placed on those infrastructures, open out questions for how we conceive and research everyday life more generally. Here, learning is more than incidental, but a socially differentiated form of perception and practice that plays a vital role in configuring the urban experience, in mapping out presents and futures, and informing possibilities and political trajectories.

There will be refreshments available before the event.

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