CIRE - Research Dialogue on Peace and Conflict

9 November 2016, 12.30 PM - 9 November 2016, 1.30 PM

Dr. Shelley McKeown Jones and Dr. Julia Paulson

Room 3.13 The Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, BS8 1JA

The goal of this session is to evoke a critical discussion around their work in progress on the topic of peace and conflict. Shelley will present key findings from her work on prejudice reduction and will introduce her new project on racial diversity in schools. Julia will present a current project that explores the changing ways that truth commissions have engaged with education since the early 1980s. She will use this project as a window to share her wider research interests and theoretical influences. The session will also provide an opportunity to explore peace and conflict as an area of interest to many CIRE members and to identify possibilities for future work.

Dr. Shelley McKeown Jones is Lecturer in Psychology of Education. Her research focuses on how social psychological theories, such as intergroup contact theory and social identity theory, can be used to understand and improve intergroup relations. Shelley has published a number of journal articles and a book on identity, segregation and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland.

Dr. Julia Paulson is Senior Lecturer. Her research focuses on education policy change in contexts affected by conflict - she is particularly interested in the influence of processes of transitional justice and memory making on education, and vice versa. She will join the GSoE and CIRE in January 2017.

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