CIRE - Empowering teachers to be change makers workshop

1 July 2016, 12.00 PM - 1 July 2016, 1.30 PM

Sharath Jeevan, Founder & CEO, STIR Education

Room 3.18

STIR Education is an NGO that  motivates and networks teachers in India and Uganda. Teachers become members of local changemaker networks where they meet with peers across neighbouring schools, to share their own classroom 'micro-innovations', and gain exposure to evidence-based practice. By the end of 2016 STIR will have empowered over 27,000 teachers. 
We'd love to get your ideas and input - in resolving some of the real, 'live' challenges we face, from sustaining successful government partnerships to shifting the wider discussion and debate around teachers in developing countries. Please be prepared to put your thinking caps and take part in a fast-paced, interactive session!

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