The Learning Brain at Play

25 November 2015, 7.45 PM - 25 November 2015, 9.00 PM

Kate Gadsby, Professor Paul Howard Jones & Dr Katie Blakemore

4.10, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA

How do young children learn from the games they play? Might older children benefit from playing more games in the classroom?

After participating in Channel Four’s “Secret Life of 4,5, and 6 year olds”, teacher Kate Gadsby and Professor Paul Howard-Jones will be in conversation with Dr Frances Giampapa about the making of the documentary series, and what its taught them about play and learning in young children. Dr Katie Blakemore will then be describing a new project “Sci-napse” aimed at using game-based technology to improve engagement and achievement in Year 8 Science. The project applies emerging insights from neuroscience about the “learning brain at play” and the audience will be encouraged to debate the opportunities for taking play more seriously.

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