Getting started on your PAR project - Participatory Action Research Workshops

19 January 2015, 12.30 PM - 19 January 2015, 6.00 PM

Professor Mary Brydon-Miller

Room 4.06

We are delighted to invite you to two exciting PAR workshops, hosted by Mary Brydon-Miller as part of her Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship at the University of Bristol and organised by ARCIO (Action Research and Critical Inquiry in Organisations).

The workshops are open to anyone interested in PAR or who is currently working on an action research project. Mary Brydon-Miller, Ph.D. directs the University of Cincinnati’s Action Research Centre and is Professor of Educational and Community-based Action Research in the Educational Studies Program in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. She is a participatory action researcher who conducts work in both school and community settings.

Workshop 1: Getting started on your PAR project. 12:30 – 6pm.

The workshop will begin with a welcome lunch in the 4th floor foyer.

We will work together to explore the following issues and questions:

  • How do we develop partnerships in a PAR project?
  • How do we generate research questions?
  • How can we convince the unconvinced of the value and ‘rigour’ of PAR?
  • How do we determine which methods to use?
  • How can we ensure validity in PAR?
  • How do we collect the data?

Details of workshop 2 can be found here.


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