NCCPE: Engaged Practice Learning Exchange

14 September 2015, 3.00 PM - 14 September 2015, 5.30 PM

4.10, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA

 *GSoE staff only*

The NCCPE are always looking for opportunities to create spaces for people involved in public engagement to step back and reflect on their work. Particularly precious is space to think about the relationship between theory and practice – and to work with other people to build a more robust understanding of the complex dynamics of engagement. They have developed a format called the Engaged Practice Learning Exchange (EPLE) to do this – and they try to attach these events to other gatherings where people will be convening, for instance alongside conferences like Engage.

This EPLE is organised in cooperation with the Graduate School of Education, who are hosting the event, as well as the Centre for Public Engagement at the University of Bristol. It will take place on 14 September, from 3 - 5:30pm. The event is part of NCCPE’s new Public Engagement Academy, whose delegates are meeting in Bristol on the 15 and 16 September. The aim of the event is to open the discussion on different forms of knowledge related to the practice of public engagement and ways for researchers and professionals to build it together.

If you’d like to attend please sign up here

Please come along prepared to share a story of a project or activity you have been involved in.


3:00pm - Opening plenary: Welcome from Graduate School of Education, Centre for Public Engagement and NCCPE

3:10pm - Delegates’ expectations of the event / introductions

3:20pm - Making sense of public engagement

Paul Manners (NCCPE) se for University Public Engagement, and other more recent projects investigating the relationship between theory and practice Jana Bacevic (visiting fellow, GSoE) will share highlights from research on public engagement and university—society relationships as part of UNIKE (‘Universities in the Knowledge Economy’), a European Commission-funded FP7 Marie Curie ITN

3:40pm - Story sharing – your experience of engagement

This is an opportunity for participants to share their own stories of engaged practice and research. Stories will be shared in small groups – each participant will have 5 minutes to tell their story, and the group will have 5 minutes to respond. Groups will consolidate key challenges that these stories throw up to our understanding – and also share the understandings which they draw on to make sense of these challenges.

Delegates will be asked to address three questions:

  • What was the challenge / opportunity you were trying to address with your project / activity?
  • Did you draw on any specific knowledge / theory / assumptions / understandings of engagement to plan and deliver the work?
  • Looking back, what kind of dynamics between research (theory) and practice did you see? How do you think this relationship could be developed in ways that would lead to mutually beneficial knowledge exchange?

4:45pm - Report back from small groups,  group reflection on key learnings from the session

5:15pm - Closing reflections

5:30pm - End

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