CMM - Closing the Gap: How should we be assessing the impact of the Pupil Premium?

14 October 2015, 3.45 PM - 14 October 2015, 5.00 PM

Mike Treadaway, Fischer Family Trust

Room 4.10 Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1JA

Abstract: The ‘Pupil Premium’ has, over recent years, provided schools with significant funding aimed at improving the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. Much of the analysis about impact has focused upon a narrow set of indicators and upon attainment only leading some to conclude that the impact is low. Analysis of underlying data shows that a consideration of a wider set of indicators can provide different insights. Finding accurate fair ways of measuring progress towards ‘closing the gap’ is important for both schools and for policy makers.

This session will focus upon the ways in which data can be analysed to provide a more accurate evaluation of the ‘gap’ and will include a consideration of progress (value-added) and of variations (such as ethnicity, EAL, level of disadvantage) within the ‘Pupil Premium’ group. A key focus will be upon the need for evaluation, particularly as part of OfSTED inspections, to focus more widely and to consider trends over a number of years. We will also look at the relationship between gaps in attainment at different stages such as ‘how does the gap at age 7 relate to differences in A-Level attainment?’.
Biography: Mike Treadaway is Director, Innovation and Research for FFT. As a leading national figure in the area of educational research, he is best known for his innovative work in developing data to support target setting and evaluation in schools and Local Authorities throughout England and Wales. As well as continuing to develop FFT data and undertake research, Mike is also a regular national speaker and trainer, providing advice and support on how data can be most effectively used to challenge, motivate and understand pupil progress.

Mike has extensive education experience, having taught in Primary, Middle and Secondary schools in Staffordshire and Norfolk. Following this, Mike worked as an advisory teacher for IT in Suffolk and in the Education Department at the University of Cardiff before moving to South Glamorgan as an ICT adviser.  Mike’s work as an ICT adviser led to involvement in a range of national projects and a period serving on the executive committee of NAACE. As part of his work as General Adviser in South Glamorgan and Senior Adviser in the Vale of Glamorgan, Mike’s work in developing the effective use of data in schools contributed  to significant improvements in attainment for pupils across the whole ability range.
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