CIRE - Researching across cultures: dilemmas, challenges and rewards, a Doctoral Researcher Round Table

10 March 2015, 12.00 PM - 10 March 2015, 1.15 PM

Room 4.06, Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square

Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE)

Researching across cultural boundaries can raise practical, ethical, and personal dilemmas, as the researcher negotiates between conflicting positions and perspectives in research. Even understandings of what counts as research and what kind of knowledge is valued can be culturally specific. On the other hand, researching across cultures creates opportunities for new insights as the taken for granted is made visible and preconceptions are challenged through comparison or difference.
This round table will involve group discussions based around short presentations from doctoral students on cross-cultural challenges or dilemmas they have encountered in their doctoral research. The round table will comprise of three themes or parts, which include Issues around Research Methods, Researching across Cultures and Placing Yourself in Your Research. This event is hosted by the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) but the practical, ethical, conceptual and identity issues being discussed will be relevant to most, if not all, research projects.

Part 1: Issues around Research Methods

Faizulizami Osmin Ami
Dilemmas Regarding Sampling and Consent

Jiyon Cook
Collecting Data in an Efficient Way

Part II: Researching across Cultures

Richard Budd
Being a Foreigner in your own Countries

Nam Or Narasimham Peri
Translating Concepts

Part III: Placing Yourself in Your Research

Hyang Kwon
Fluid Identities of the Researcher in Qualitative Research

Shamsideen Williams
Positionality and Reflexivity in Cross Cultural Research

This event is being organised by Dr Richard Budd.

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