CIRE - Confidence in PISA: Validating an international assessment of student self-efficacy in Mathematics

20 October 2015, 12.00 PM - 20 October 2015, 1.15 PM

Dr. David Pepper, Research Associate, King’s College London

Room 2.17, 35 Berkeley Square

How much confidence should we place in the OECD’s influential Programme for International Student Assessment? Much is written about the PISA assessment of students’ competencies in reading, mathematics and science. However, the survey also assesses students’ confidence in these domains. More formally, this is referred to as students’ self-efficacy and it features prominently in OECD presentations to policy makers about the implications of PISA findings.

In this seminar, Dr David Pepper will present his approach to independently validating the PISA assessment of students’ self-efficacy in mathematics. This approach has involved integrating evidence from the PISA data set for a large number of education systems with student interviews in selected education systems, namely England, Estonia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

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