CAERe Welcome Meeting

7 October 2015, 12.00 PM - 7 October 2015, 1.30 PM

Room: 1.21, 35 Berkeley Square



 Review CAERe aims


  Review and plan CAERe Activities


 1) Social activities and the various student group events - plan for the coming year.


 2) Members’ meetings – plan one per term of the new academic year.


 3) Student Reading Group to invite new members and topics. Have a look at previous topics discussed on our blog, here:


4) CAERe Seminars...Two interesting presentations are coming up in the autumn (Scottish Qualifications   Authority and Professor Joy Cumming, Catholic University Queensland Australia). We are also keen to hear from students as to who you might like to invite from anywhere in the U.K.


 5) Writing support and workshops for students


 6) Mock Vivas to help students prepare, and feedback on performance


 7) Activities involving CAERe external and associate members outside and inside the GSoE and links to academic/early career/student networks internationally e.g. EARLI


  8) Contributors to the new look webpage, please email Tony if you are interested in perhaps writing a blog or feel you would like to be involved in some way:


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