Timetabling and Room Booking

The Timetabling and Room Booking team is responsible for creating and maintaining all taught programme timetables, across all faculties, for both academic staff and students; and responding to requests for timetable changes.

The production of the teaching timetables is organised by faculty and is the responsibility of the Faculty Timetabling and Education Officer.



Personal TB1 teaching timetables for academic staff are due to be released into staff outlook calendars on the 10th September. The full sync to O365 may take a little longer for some, so some calendars may not be updated until the following day, however personal staff timetables are currently available via the My Bristol Portal.
Please note that only TB1 activities are confirmed at this stage and any ongoing changes or updates received from the schools may impact these timetables.
Student TB1 timetables are due to be released via the My Bristol Portal and Outlook calendars on the 17th September however schools will be contacted with further details regarding staggered communication of this to students.