Education and Student Cycle

The Education and Student Cycle 2018/19 (Excel file) is for use by Admissions, faculty and school staff. The Cycle covers due dates for various processes throughout the academic year such as fee generation, unit and mark entry, engagement monitoring, exam periods and other significant dates such as registration, teaching blocks, exam boards and degree ceremonies.

You can filter the document by selecting the filter button in the column title cell, selecting the ‘filter’ option and then selecting the filters you’d like to apply. This will allow you to filter by Task/Info, status, UG/PG and category (timetable, exam board prep) etc.

As with previous years this will continue to be a live document, with the status column indicating whether the date is provisional or confirmed. This does mean that the document will change throughout the year, please bear this in mind if you are printing the document.

University of Bristol staff can also view the dates in the Education and Student Cycle via Outlook Calendar.  

To add the Education and Student Cycle in Outlook desktop:

To add the Education and Students Cycle in Outlook web:

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