Committees we support

Staff in Education Services have responsibility for supporting the following committees/groups:

Name of committee/groupPurpose of the committee/groupName of team that supports the committee/groupContact
Applicant and Student Information Oversight Group To advise University Education Committee on areas of work relating to student information and consumer protection law. Academic Quality and Policy Office Jo Strong
Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching (BILT) Advisory Group To consult and receive input as necessary from academic schools and divisions on their requirements and desires for BILT and to feed this into BILT's planning through advising on its themes, activities and topics for the allocation of funding and grants. Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching Caroline Harvey
Codes Executive Group

To govern the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes and the Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes, specifically by:

  • Supporting strategic educational development through according regulatory and policy change.
  • Undertaking any other regulatory and policy development where a substantial issue relating to academic standards has been raised and/or there is a significant risk of non-compliance.
  • Ensuring that the Codes are accessible and mitigate against risk to enable activity.
Academic Quality and Policy Office Mike White and Chris Walker
China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD Scholarship Working Group To coordinate a complex nomination process for an annual, joint-funded, CSC-UoB PhD scholarship scheme. Bristol Doctoral College Kevin Higgins

Doctoral Partnerships Management Group

To lead the development of the University’s expertise in various aspects of Doctoral Institutional Partnerships, in particular to develop Institutional Partnership Agreements (draft, negotiate and prepare ready for signature) for awarded collaborative Doctoral research and training initiatives, both Bristol and external partner led.  Bristol Doctoral College Oksana Kasyutich
Doctoral Training Entities (DTE) Network   Bristol Doctoral College Paul Spencer 
Education Administration Network To provide a forum at school and faculty level for discussion of education administration, including: disseminating information, consulting, sharing good practice and identifying opportunities to make improvements.  Education Process Improvement and Records Team Helen Lawton
Education Management Group To oversee education and student related processes and act as the interface between Education Services, relevant central services divisions and faculties.  Education Services Executive Support Team Francesca Migliaccio 
Educational Partnership Evaluation Group
  • To review and revise the regulations and policy for the management of educational partnerships.
  • To implement the associated University-level approval and review processes for educational partnerships. 
Academic Quality and Policy Office Georgia Terry 
EPSRC DTP Working Group
  • To govern the overall policy of the EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) fund, awarded to the University biennially, and distributed across two faculties: Science and Engineering.
  • To make strategic decisions on the EPSRC DTP fund structure, and prepare the Statement of Intent for submission to EPSRC.
  • To oversee operational monitoring of the fund spent and the recruitment performance (PhD Intake actuals), enabled through this fund, in the two faculties.
Bristol Doctoral College Oksana Kasyutich 
Immigration Control Oversight Board
  • To oversee the University’s compliance with its sponsor responsibilities under its UKVI Tier 2, 4 and 5 licences. 
  • To provide a cross-institutional forum enabling the resolution of issues associated with the recruitment and continued management and support of international students and staff.
Student Visa Services  
Knowlson Travel Awards Meeting  To decide which students will receive a travel award from this fund. Student Funding Office  

PG Researcher Development Committee

  • Ensure the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Programme for PGR students reflects the needs of all PGR students, supporting the development of PGRs at all stages of the student lifecycle and reflecting the equality, diversity and inclusion needs of that community.
  • Consider the feedback from PGRs through the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and other evaluation processes pertaining to the PPD provision.
  • Coordinate the resources of the Bristol Doctoral College and other actors in the domain to improve the PGR environment and hence the PGR experience.
Bristol Doctoral College  Paul Spencer 
Research Degrees Exam Board To award research degrees.  Academic Quality and Policy Office Chris Walker
Sanctuary Scholarship Working Group  To discuss the direction of the Sanctuary Scholarship and related funding and immigration issues. Student Funding Office  
School Education Director Network

To provide a forum for School Education Directors to: 

  • meet to discuss and directly contribute to education policy development for taught programmes;
  • share experiences and best practice;
  • share ideas and discuss common challenges across school and faculty boundaries.
Academic Quality and Policy Office Melissa Bevan 
Senior Tutor Network
  • To provide a forum for Senior Tutors to share innovation, excellence and any issues affecting student support provision.
  • To provide a forum through which professional services can disseminate information and contribute to the development of student support provision.
  • To identify the training needs for academic personal tutors.
Academic Quality and Policy Office  Melissa Bevan
Student Experience Committee and Programme Board
  • To articulate the University vision for student experience and act as the programme board for a student experience programme, driving the programme forward and delivering its outcomes and benefits.
  • To respond to changes in the external student experience environment.
  • To make decisions and maintain strategic oversight of student experience
  • To set priorities and monitor progress for student experience projects and initiatives and endorse requests for funding (where appropriate).
  • To lead the implementationg of the “Bristol Student Experience” as defined in the Education Strategy (2017-2023).
  • To monitor implementation of the Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
  • To consider key measures of the student experience and to lead necessary actions to improve and enhance, in particular around student inclusion, student community and student voice.
  • To assure the effectiveness of the student representation system.
  • To consider measures to contribute towards improved equality of opportunity in student access, success and progression to students with ability and ambition from all backgrounds.
Academic Quality and Policy Office Sam Jones 
Student Immigration Operations Group To support the compliance assurance of Tier 4 sponsor licence obligations through review of Student Visa services (SVS) and faculty/school processes and procedures, making adjustments in response to UKVI policy changes. Additionally, to share best practice across faculties and schools in supporting compliance assurance with UKVI obligations and discuss with SVS any questions or concerns. Student Visa Services Faye Jenkins
Student Survey Approval Panel To oversee university participation in all large scale internal and external surveys of our students. Academic Quality and Policy Office  
Student Voice Steering Group To monitor the system of academic student representation within schools and faculties. Academic Quality and Policy Office Sam Jones 
University Academic Quality and Standards Committee
  • To oversee the framework for the quality and standards of education provision (UG, PGT and PGR programmes) and the student academic experience at the University.
  • To oversee and ensure appropriate action is taken in response to identified quality matters at the relevant level (institution, faculty, school, programme), particularly where there is evidence of risk to quality and standards.
  • To oversee and respond to the requirements of external quality assurance bodies, such as the Office for Students, the Quality Assurance Agency, and Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).
  • To provide academic scrutiny of proposals for new and the re-validation of existing programmes and educational collaborative partnerships.
  • To be responsible for the maintenence of education regulations, policies and codes of practice.  
  • To promote and report upon good practice and innovation.
Academic Quality and Policy Office Chris Walker 
University Education Committee and Education Programme Board
  • To consider and respond to changes in the external education environment.
  • On behalf of Senate, to articulate the University's vision for education and act as the Education Programme Board for a Curriculum Enhancement Programme, driving the programme forward and delivering its outcomes and benefits.
  • To promote innovation to enhance learning, teaching and student research.
  • On behalf of Senate, to make decisions and maintain strategic oversight of education.
  • To set priorities and monitor progress for educational projects and initiatives and endorse requests for funding (where appropriate).
Academic Quality and Policy Office Kathryn Maycock 
University Learning and Teaching Committee
  • To develop and maintain the strategic framework for taught education for the University.
  • To have oversight of the provision of taught (UG and PGT) education at the University.
  • To enhance the academic experience for students on taught programmes, including the taught elements of PGR programmes.
Academic Quality and Policy Office Barabara Furnival