Education Administration Network

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  1. To be a forum for disseminating information and to discuss:
    • Updates to education administration processes and regulations;
    • Upcoming education administration tasks;
    • Changes within the Education Services, including team remits;
    • Projects being undertaken within the Education Services or the wider university connected to education administration.
  2. To give an opportunity for consultation about items already discussed or to be discussed at Education Management Group.
  3. To make sure appropriate communication, consultation and feedback at school and faculty level.
  4. To give an opportunity to feedback to the Education Services about its services.
  5. To be a forum to share good practice.
  6. To identify opportunities to improve education administration processes and recommend changes to the Education Services.


The membership of the group is:

Specific EAN roles:

EAN role

Job title



Director of Registry Services+ (Education Administration)

Jen Morgan


Information and Training Officer

Helen Lawton

If any members are unable to attend a meeting, they may send a nominee in their place and must let the committee Secretary know in advance.

Mode of operation

Formulation of agenda

Prior to each meeting the Secretary will request agenda items from members of EAN and to Team Leaders within Education Services and will draft an agenda for approval by the Chair. Colleagues within Education Services can view further guidance about communicating via EAN (PDF document).

The paper deadlines are listed as part of the meeting dates listed below.  If you would like to submit a paper please contact the Secretary for the paper coversheet.

Where possible draft agendas will be discussed at Education Management Group (EMG) before finalising.

Agendas and meeting reports are available to EAN members only within the EAN Group.

Items for regular report

Meeting dates

The group will meet 4 times per academic year. The dates for the following academic year will be set between June to September.

Meeting schedule for 2020/21