Rodney Harris - The Invisibility of the Sea

The Ocean Image credit: Image credit: Rodney Harris

Rodney Harris is a Bristol based sculptor and print maker who is also the recent winner of the 2017 Public Monuments and Sculpture Association Marsh Award Judges special prize for Excellence in Public Sculpture together with his collaborator Valda Jackson.

Rodney's work on display is part of a collaboration called “The Invisibility of the Sea” that involves researchers from across the University of Bristol, including earth scientists, biologists, chemists, archaeologists and lawyers as well as the Library’s Special Collections. The project is co-led by Laurence Publicover from the Department of English and Margherita Pieraccini from the School of Law and funded by the Brigstow Institute. You can read more about the project on the website

A recording of the presentations given by Rodney Harris and Laurence Publicover during the launch of the exhibition are accessible here.

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