Jo Lathwood - Is it Magma?

Lunar Image credit: Image credit: Jo Lathwood

Jo Lathwood has been researching the possibilities of shaping and casting molten rock in a project called ‘Is it Magma?’. Through alchemical experiments and support from geologists, volcanologists, artists, founders and materials scientists, Jo created a selection of sculptures which are presented in the gallery.

Jo Lathwood’s interest in using molten rock as a sculptural material comes from a keen desire to understand and explore processes. The majority of works on display have been created by heating up Andesite (a volcanic rock) to a molten state and then pouring it into bespoke moulds. Much of the skills required to execute this work have been transcribed from a background in metal casting.  Video footage depicting some of the processes used to create lava sculptures can be seen as part of the exhibition.

Also on display are broken pieces of casting and laboratory equipment showcasing the incredible power unleashed in high temperature or high pressure experiments. 

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