EarthArt Fellowship - Call Out

Applications are invited from artists to become an EarthArt Fellow to work with earth scientists involved in a research project entitled 'Disequilibrium Processes in Basaltic Volcanism'. The research is aimed at studying what drives basaltic eruptions and what causes them to be either fluid or explosive. The project involves a consortium of scientists based at Bristol, Durham and Manchester universities and at ‘Diamond Light Source’ Laboratories in Harwell.More details of the project can be found at

The EarthArt Fellow will be based in the School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol and will have full access to our laboratories. They will also visit the other UK-based institutions involved in the consortium to talk to the scientists and see the laboratories and research activities. The fellowship will lead to an exhibition that will tour all four institutions.


Apply now

Please complete and return the EarthArt application 2019-2020 (Office document, 140kB).

Deadline 24th October 2019.

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