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Earth Sciences play with earth!

12 March 2015

Staff and students from Earth Sciences took part in a workshop by the Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Rodney Harris. Giant sausages, smoking volcanoes, blind elephants, coral seas and weird rock formations were built from a variety of different clays.

As part of the celebrations for the Bicentenary of the first geological map made by William Smith in 1815, the School of Earth Sciences is hosting an artist in residence funded by the Leverhulme Trust.  Artist Rodney Harris ran a practical workshop, giving people an insight into his work and the work he will be developing. 

Claudia Hildebrand, Sue Amesbury and Fiona Whitaker build an Atol People taking part explored the nature of different clays and then used the clay to examine how we use our hands to discover the natural properties of materials based on the idea that “if you know before you look you can’t see for knowing”.  This involves making a series of elephants from clay but modelling them behind your back so you have to rely on your sense of touch. Afterwards participants made another elephant but this time using their eyes and compared the two methods.  Then Rodney directed people through a range of activities designed to further their understanding of clay as a material and ending with groups of people producing three-dimensional maps of unique geological locations.

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