Newton-Paulet Researcher Links Workshop -‘Strengthening Capacity for Mitigation of Huayco (Flash Flood) Impacts in Peru’.

15 October 2018, 12.00 AM - 19 October 2018, 12.00 AM

UK Coordinator: Dr Jeremy Phillips, Peru Coordinator: Dr Marco Rivera Porras

Lima and Arequipa, Peru

Newton-Paulet Researcher Links Workshop

‘Strengthening Capacity for Mitigation of Huayco (Flash Flood) Impacts in Peru’

Lima and Arequipa, Peru

15th - 19th October 2018

About the Workshop

The workshop will focus on multidisciplinary research for improved prediction and mitigation of the impacts of huaycos in Peru, which are rapid, destructive flash floods. There is need to improve capability to prepare for these extreme hydrological events, particularly from a multidisciplinary perspective to include response and recovery.

Huaycos in Spring 2017 caused more than 100 deaths, economic losses of more than US$ 3 Bn and 3000 km of roads unusable. These impacts represent a significant obstacle to economic development, critically impact social welfare and human health, and disproportionally affect the most vulnerable in Peru. Supporting resilience to natural hazards is a key UN Global Sustainable Development Goal.

The immediate benefits of the workshop will be improved capacity within Peru for huayco preparedness (prediction of huayco hazard and impacts, early warning systems) and for effective management of huayco risk and recovery, through interdisciplinary approaches that increase engagement of different stakeholders including affected communities. This will be achieved through knowledge exchange between UK-based and Peruvian Early Career Researchers, across disciplines including physical and social science, engineering and risk management, with the support of experienced mentors.

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For more information, please contact Jeremy Phillips

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