School Seminar - Professor Robert Loucks - University of Western Australia

19 September 2017, 1.00 PM - 19 September 2017, 2.00 PM

Professor Robert Loucks - University of Western Australia

Coutts Lecture Theatre - Room 3.31 - Wills Memorial Building

We are pleased to welcome Professor Robert Loucks from the University of Western Australia and our visiting Benjamin Meaker Fellow who will be delivering the School Seminar:-

Title: Chemical compositions of felsic igneous rocks preserve a record of the tectonic stress regime in which they formed


The across-arc horizontal tectonic stress regime varies along intra-oceanic and continent-margin magmatic arcs, with some being tensional, as is commonly the case along substantial segments of Western Pacific arcs. Other arc segments are undergoing lithosphere-shortening orogenic deformation under strong horizontal compressive stress. A review of variations in whole-rock chemical composition along adjacent compressive and non-compressive segments of modern arcs shows that asthenosphere-derived parental basalts of essentially identical starting composition follow divergent trends of chemical differentiation to residual felsic compositions in compressive and non-compressive arc segments. Among the differences is a tendency for zircon to begin precipitating in compressive segments at an earlier (more mafic, less siliceous) stage of magmatic differentiation, and for plagioclase to saturate in compressive segments at a later, more siliceous stage of magmatic differentiation. Consequently, the whole-rock ratio Sr/Zr is usefully sensitive in discriminating magmatic-differentiation series in compressive arc segments from those in non-compressive arc segments. Time series of Sr/Zr in igneous suites spanning a substantial time range along a segment of a convergent plate margin can be useful for constraining temporal variations in its tectonic stress regime, which should be useful for time-constrained tectonic reconstructions.

All staff and students welcome.  Lunch and further discussion will be held in the Earth Sciences Common Room after this event.

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