What our students say

Sam Engwell, PhD by research

"The department is also very sociable which makes it much easier to communicate with big names in the science." Read more

Dominica Patterson, MSc in Palaeobiology

"What I personally enjoy are the resources available (i.e. computers, books and intelligent people), the active research environment, seminars and the opportunity to do relevant and pioneering research." Read more

Brioch Hemmings, PhD by research

"I want to stay in a science-oriented career and to do this a PhD is becoming more of a requirement." Read more

Jamie MacLaren, MSc in Palaeobiology

"Staff support is excellent; whether it is over a drink or over a conference table, the feedback and general degree support provided has been exemplary." Read more

Suzanne Jennions, PhD by research

"All members of the department are willing to share experiences and advice to solve any problems that may be encountered during the course of doing a PhD. Enthusiasm is ubiquitous." Read more

Charles Bacon, PhD by research

"I have my own chemistry lab, as well as having access to other facilities such as those in the Instrument Analysis Centre and Physics department." Read more

Andrew Thomson, PhD by research

"The best feature about the department is the friendly and open nature of everyone working here. Everybody is willing to help in engaging discussion or by providing assistance with any problem." Read more

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