The Chamber of Demonstrations
Reconstructing the Jacobean Indoor Playhouse

  • Martin White is Professor of Theatre at University of Bristol.
  • Terry Flaxton is a cinematographer and video artist, currently an AHRC Fellow in Creative Research at University of Bristol. Terry was overall Techinical Director, shot all the footage, edited and authored the DVD. He is a partner in Ignition Films.
  • Alison Sterling provided Project Management from inception to delivery. She is also a partner in Ignition Films.
  • Jennie Norman, responsible for stage design in my department at Bristol worked with me actually to realise the reconstruction;
  • Shakespeare's Globe provided the clothing and weaponry, Jenny Tiramani advised on the project, and she and members of her team worked on the filming stage in Bristol;
  • The Royal Shakespeare Company provided a range of props and furniture;
  • Dr Farah Karim-Cooper, of Shakespeare's Globe, an authority on early modern stage make-up, provided an on-screen commentary.
  • Scholars such as Professor Andrew Gurr, Dr Gordon Higgott appeared on screen while Robert Graves, University of Illinois at Urbana: Champaign, and author of Lighting the Shakespearean Stage, Franklin Hildy (Maryland) whose research fed directly into the project;
  • Mary Fisher, a maker of candles by traditional methods, based in Leeds, made the tallow and wax candles used to illuminate the stage;
  • Under my direction, actors Michael Brown, Monica Dolan, Jamie Glover, Michael Matus and Hattie Morahan played a range of parts in scenes from Webster's The Duchess of Malfi, Massinger's The Guardian, Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling and John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's A Whore and Love's Sacrifice, all of which use light in significant ways;
  • Panasonic helped with the provision of post-production resources;
  • The Virtual Reality Visualisation team, then at the University of Warwick, began work to create a VR model based on the Worcester College drawings, but the work to bring the model, with its rendering and candle-light effects, to a successful completion was done by Ignition.
  • Caroline Rye was design consultant for the first prototype of the DVD.

Full credits (PDF file)