STaR: Aligned support for PGR progress and development

STaR: supervisor and student

Based on the relationship between students and supervisors, STaR brings together all aspects of postgraduate research, development, and support.

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How to use STaR

Unsure how to use STaR? You can also explore STaR's features and find the answers to any questions you might have in the user guides and FAQs for:

Taking control of your researchSTaR Objective

Postgraduate research can feel daunting at times. STaR helps you to break your research objectives down into easily digestible tasks, and helps you to keep your progress on track.

Keeping trackSTaR Notes

Rather than emailing documents back and forth, store and share drafts within STaR. This provides an easily accessible space ensuring that you and your supervisors are on the same page when discussing your work.

Built-in progress monitoring‌STaR Progress Monitoring

Each year, in order to continue in your studies, you must demonstrate that you are making satisfactory progress. STaR simplifies the process, providing an easy to use form with built-in guidance from your faculty.

Snapshot of PGR progressSTaR Supervisor view

From tracking progress on research objectives to considering next steps for development, STaR provides a simple overview for supervisors of all students in one place.

Tailored training and developmentVitae rdf cropped

STaR provides access to a comprehensive catalogue of training and resources alongside a framework to help you to map your skills and plan training to support your development.

Developing an online presenceSTaR - Pure

STaR connects directly to Pure, allowing you to easily promote your research outputs and to create an online profile on Explore Bristol Research.