PhD Comics: 'The Power of Procrastination' and screening of 'The PhD Movie'

20 March 2015, 5.00 PM - 20 March 2015, 8.00 PM

Jorge Cham (PHD Comics)

Priory Road Complex Lecture Theatre

There aren't many postgraduate research students who won't be familiar with PHD comics: Piled Higher and Deeper, and now you can come and hear from the creator, Jorge Cham, as he recounts his experiences bringing humour into the lives of stressed out research students, examines the source of their anxieties and explores the guilt, the myth, and the power of procrastination. 

Jorge Cham has entertained millions of PhD candidates and academics with his witty insights on the many pressures and experiences shared by postgraduate researchers the world over, so we are delighted to welcome him to Bristol for this 'not to be missed' talk followed by a screening of The PHD Movie.

This event is organised in collaboration with the University of the West of England (UWE), and will provide an opportunity to meet postgraduate research students from across both Universities.

How to book:

This event is open to postgraduate research students from the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England only. Please book your ticket using your institutional email address via the University of Bristol Online Shop.

Tickets will be charged at £5.50 per person to include entry to the talk and the screening of the PhD Movie, plus light refreshments. 

NB: You will be expected to bring your student identification (and ticket) with you to the event.

Location and timings:

This event will take place on the University of Bristol campus in the large Lecture Theatre, Priory Road Complex.

  • Doors open 5pm
  • 5.00-5.30 - Arrival and registration
  • 5.30-6.30 - 'The Power of Procrastination' - Jorge Cham
  • 6.30-7.00 - Break
  • 7.00-8.05 - 'The PHD Movie'
  • 8.10 - End


Jorge Cham was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. He obtained his B.S. from Georgia Tech and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Stanford University, specializing in Robotics. He was subsequently an Instructor and Research Associate at Caltech from 2003-2005, where his work focused on developing “Smart” Neural Implants. He is also a founding board member of Endeavor College Prep, a non-profit school for kids in East L.A., and co-founder of PHDtv, a video science and discovery outreach collaborative that aims to close the gap between researchers and the public. He travels and presents all over the world to thousands of graduate students, faculty and administrators on the graduate student experience. To date, one screenplay “The PHD Movie” and five PHD book collections have been published. He lives near Los Angeles with his family.

Jorge Cham is the creator of Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD), the comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in Academia. Often called the Dilbert of academia, PHD has appeared in the Stanford, MIT, Caltech and Carnegie Mellon newspapers among others, and is published online where it receives over 8 million visitors a year from over 1000 universities and colleges worldwide.


"It was so nice to go to your lecture and laugh for an hour about how life is for all of us. It is SO good to know that other people are in the same spot as you. It's something we often forget when we're caught up in papers and the drama of grad school." 
-Betty, University of Utah 

"One of the funniest talks I've ever been to."
- James, U.C. Berkeley

"I can't remember when I have had as many laughs. I am sure many of our colleagues will benefit from your philosophy and shared experience." 
-Damian, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

"Your talk was awesome and made me feel so much better. I was at a point in my education where I was completely stressed out and losing sight of why I got into science in the first place. Your talk gave me some insight into why I was feeling that way. Keep doing PhD. . .we all rely on it to keep our sanity!"
- Kim, anonymous

"Thanks again for the fun you bring into the labs and lives(!) of grad students." 
-Bilal, Johns Hopkins University