To the finish line and beyond

Are you writing up your thesis? Or perhaps you're preparing for your viva? These workshops and resources will help you get to the finish line - and beyond.

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The Resilient Researcher Life has its ups and downs and sometimes we can feel stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed. Come to this workshop and learn strategies to recover from set-backs and creatively manage challenges and difficulties. Resilience is something everyone can develop and it can greatly benefit both your academic work and your personal life. Personal development and wellbeing;Show all Workshop 22 January 2018; 17 April 2018
Project Management for Researchers: Completing your PhD Aimed at PhD students expecting to submit their thesis in the next 12 months, this workshop is designed to provide you with tools and approaches to complete your PhD on time. Planning and managing your research;Show all Workshop 6 December 2017; 22 March 2018; 12 June 2018
Wellbeing and counselling support

The Student Counselling Service offers a range of support for all students, including:

  • Mindfulness practice group
  • Mindful yoga for stress
  • Get to grips with your study strategy: overcoming emotional and mental blocks
  • Self-esteem support group
  • Understanding ourselves and connecting with each other
  • Walk and talk group
  • Find and Develop your resilience workshops
Personal development and wellbeing;Show all Workshop Various dates
Academic Staff Development: Seven Suggestions for Leadership This series of guides is specifically designed for academics and aims to provide leadership and people management advice and guidance in a set of short, user-friendly guides. They have been written with the academic environment in mind and the topics chosen following consultation with several academics. Personal development and wellbeing;Show all Online Resource N/a
Researcher Development Online Tutorials: Preparing for your Viva This module is designed for research degree students in order to demystify the purpose and process of the viva examination. It offers practical advice on how to prepare for your viva and gives an insight into what happens during the viva examination itself. Planning and managing your research;Show all Online tutorialvia Blackboard N/a
BDC Seminar: What Examiners Really Want Demystify the viva process and uncover what you need to do to pass. Planning and managing your research;Show all Lecture 5 December 2017
Careers Service events The Careers Service provides hundreds of opportunities to: connect with employers, find out about starting your own business or developing an enterprising mindset, get 1:1 careers support and guidance, or attend talks on anything from online selection tests to using LinkedIn to kick-start your Career. Explore all Careers Service events via mycareer. Professional and career development;Show all Various Various dates
Careers Service Quickfix: Options with your PhD Keep informed about how your transferable research skills could benefit your career. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 2 October 2017; 24 January 2018
Quickfix: Academic CVs for PGRs A 30-minute talk to introduce PGR students to the essential information about constructing a strong CV or application for academic roles, drawing on your research and teaching experience. This talk is NOT open to those on a Postgraduate taught course. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 26 March 2018; 5 June 2018
Quickfix: Non-academic CVs for PGRs This talk will give you the essential information to ensure your CV or job application is well structured, includes evidence of your skills and is tailored to the job description. Tailored especially for careers outside of academia. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 16 October 2017;14 February 2018
Careers Fairs Explore exciting new career options with your postgraduate research degree. Professional and career development;Show all Other Various dates throughout October 2017
Quickfix: How to sell transferable skills from your PhD This talk will discuss the many and varied transferable skills you gain as Postgraduate Researchers and the different types of language you may use to describe these. It will also cover how to read job descriptions to ensure you understand the essential and desirable skills which are required for different roles. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 1 November 2017; 8 February 2018
Doctoral Extension Scheme Visa If you are a PhD student thinking about work opportunities in the UK upon completion of your studies, then the Doctorate Extension Scheme visa may be of interest to you. It is designed to give students who have almost finished their UK PhD or other doctorate qualification an additional 12 months of Tier 4 (General) immigration permission in which to look for and start work in the UK. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 1 December 2017; 12 March 2018
Reflecting on your research experience & skills In this workshop, you will explore what you enjoy about your research and how this could be translated into different types of roles/careers beyond academic research. We will spend time thinking about your values and motivations and how these align with your future employer and work environment. The workshop will use the Researcher Development Framework as a guide for facilitating discussion. By the end of this workshop, you should have ideas about new sectors or areas of work you may enjoy and feel confident about how to research and explore these further. This workshop will be useful for PGRs who are confused about their career choices, not sure what type of work they will enjoy and would like to discuss this with others. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 31 May 2018
Business Basecamp Basecamp exists to support and network the enterprising students of the University of Bristol. Whether you have a business idea and need advice, or would like to gain innovative skills for the world of work, then our team is here to help. Professional and career development;Show all Online Resources N/a
Articulating Skills for PGRs This workshop will introduce you to the attitudes and aptitudes that employers are looking for and some employer perceptions of doctoral graduates. It will then use the Researcher Development Framework (developed by Vitae) to explore what skills you develop through doctoral research. Through paired work and in small groups you will practice articulating transferable skills using evidence and examples taken from your experience as a PGR student. Professional and career development;Show all Workshop 10 October 2017
Abstracts and Posters Taking a poster to an academic conference is an excellent way of displaying your work and networking. But what makes a good poster? Promoting your research;Show all Workshop 12 December 2017; 5 February 2018; 12 April 2018
Presenting with confidence and flair This course not only helps research students to manage their nerves but also equips them to hold an audience's attention, convey information and ideas clearly and respond to questions with authority and composure. Course participants have the opportunity to analyse their presentation style and explore ways of developing it. Promoting your research;Show all Workshop 28 November 2017; 7 February 2018; 23 April 2018; 7 June 2018
BDC Seminar: Potential Energy Piero Vitelli demonstrates how to get the most from your presentations with practical advice, hints and tips on beating nerves and methods for improving your public speaking to enable you to prepare and deliver a confident and effective presentation. Promoting your research;Show all Lecture 1 March 2018
Researcher Development Online Tutorials: Getting the most out of conferences This module will give you practical guidance on how to make preparations for the delivery of your conference paper, how to deliver your paper effectively, and how to maximise the benefits of your conference experience. Promoting your research;Show all Online tutorials N/a
Sharing research data Many major funders and publishers now expect research data to be shared by default, which can feel daunting for those who have not formally shared data before. These pages will guide researchers and PGRs through the options for sharing data, the importance of a data access statement, and how to publish a dataset using the University's Research Data Repository, data.bris. Responsible research;Show all Online resource N/a
Word 2013 level 3: Word for theses This session covers techniques in Word that save time and help ensure the quality of the presentation of a thesis by standardising its format and layout. Before attending you must be confident using paragraph indents, alignment and line spacing, bullet points, numbered lists, page headers and footers, creating landscape pages, print preview. Systems and software;Show all Workshop 2, 23 October 2017; 14, 30 November 2017; 12 December 2017; 16 January 2018
Engaging with Schools Workshop What do schools really need and want? If you are keen to expand on your experience of working with young people and would like to know how to develop a workshop or activity which links to your research and resonates with this audience, this workshop will offer valuable insight and advice. Teaching;Show all Workshop 20 November 2017; 12 March 2018
Schools Lecturette Training This workshop offers support and practical advice for STEM researchers interested in developing an engaging research-based talk for secondary school students. The workshop will be delivered by Tim Harrison, Bristol ChemLabS Director of Outreach. The programme will include an example lecturette, plus information on linking with the curriculum and opportunities to work with schools. Teaching;Show all Workshop TBC
Introductory schools engagement training Aimed at those new to schools engagement, the workshop will focus on confidence, communication and presentation skills as well as practical advice for working with schools. It is open to University of Bristol researchers from any discipline who want to develop their public engagement skills. Teaching;Show all Workshop TBC
Starting to Teach - Small Group Teaching The purpose of this mandatory one-day 'Starting to Teach' induction session is to set a foundation for teaching students at the University of Bristol and supporting their learning. It is designed for postgraduate students who have teaching duties as part of their role, but who have little or no experience of teaching in higher education. Teaching;Show all Workshop 18, 20, 22, 26, 28 & 29 September 2017
Starting to Teach - Lab Demonstrating The purpose of this mandatory one-day 'Starting to Teach' induction session is to set a foundation for teaching students at the University of Bristol and supporting their learning. It is designed for postgraduate students who have teaching duties as part of their role, but who have little or no experience of teaching in higher education. Teaching;Show all Workshop 19, 21, 25 & 27 September 2017
Beyond Starting to Teach Programme To enhance teaching excellence for PGRs throughout the academic year, Academic Staff Development have designed a programme of themed lunchtime sessions on a range of teaching topics. See their full programme for details. Teaching;Show all Lunchtime lectures Various dates
The Brilliant Club Would you like to get more teaching experience? Want to develop a course based on your own research? As a Brilliant Club tutor you will receive training and support to develop a 6 week course which you will then deliver in a secondary school in the South West region. Teaching;Show all Paid Teaching TBC
Technology Enhanced Learning Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) provides support and training for a range of tools and practices specific to the implementation of media/technology in learning, teaching and assessment. Courses include: Teaching;Show all Short courses and online resources Various
Researcher Development Online Tutorials: Writing papers for publication This module is designed to maximise the chances of success of publication for early career researchers writing academic papers. Writing and referencing;Show all Online tutorials via Blackboard N/a
Writers' Retreat The Writers' Retreats give postgraduate research students from all faculties the opportunity to devote a whole day to writing in a quiet, structured and supportive atmosphere. The retreats are facilitated by Pam Lock, GW4 Developing People Officer and a postgraduate researcher herself. Writing and referencing;Show all Workshop 18 October 2017; 14 December 2017; 20 March 2018; 13 June 2018; 19 July 2018; 30 August 2018
Thesis Boot Camp Intensive support to kick-start your writing and help maintain good writing habits. Writing and referencing;Show all Workshop 17 - 19 November 2017; 23 - 25 February 2018; 4 - 6 May 2018
REAL 3 & 4 For 3rd and 4th year postgraduate researchers, this level of Research, English and Academic Literacy is structured in 3-week sessions that deal in-depth with relevant topics on REAL, such as the Literature Review or Writing Abstracts. Students can attend one or all sessions, and will sign up to a science or non-science track, according to their needs. Writing and referencing;Show all Classroom-based October - December 2017; February - April 2018
Quality Papers You enjoy research, but writing papers is either scary or just takes too long, and you are under pressure to 'get published' in high ranking journals. Quality Papers provides a process that can help you write with greater speed and confidence, at the same time as increasing your chance of getting published in your target journals. Writing and referencing;Show all Workshop 21 November 2017; 15 January 2018 ; 7 March 2018; 26 April 2018
Planning and Writing your Thesis Are you half-way through your research degree and beginning to wonder how you will ever collect your ideas into a thesis? This course presents a structured approach to planning a thesis that helps you place the research into a document that meets your university's requirements. Writing and referencing;Show all Workshop 5 October 2017; 13 February 2018; 25 April 2018
Researcher Development Online Tutorials: Reviewing, managing and using literature This module provides an overview of why you should undertake a review of literature, offers a guide to the process of reviewing literature, and the importance of managing the associated information. It will also highlight aspects of copyright and plagiarism and suggest avenues of where to go for further help and guidance. Writing and referencing;Show all Online tutorials via Blackboard N/a
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