Research staff information

How to appoint an external examiner

  • External examiners for research students are appointed individually. Supervisors must complete the Appointment of Research Degree Examiners form (Office document, 82kB) 4 weeks before the candidate is due to submit.
  • Supervisors should contact the proposed examiners to ensure they are willing to examine the thesis.
  • Examiners are approved by the Head of School (or nominee), and by the Graduate Education Director (or nominee) on behalf of faculty.
  • Once approved, the Academic Quality and Policy Office send:
    • a Letter of Appointment
    • an expenses claim form
    • the work to be examined

Expenses forms

External examiners should send completed expenses forms to the responsible adminstrator in the candidate's school..

There is no requirement for the Academic Quality and Policy Office to approve these claims.

Fees for research external examiners

Research Masters £120
PhDs and Professional Doctorates
Higher Doctorates

The department the candidate is registered to is responsible for payment of both fees and expenses.

Deferring access to a dissertation

Nominating dissertations for a prize

Every year the Research Degrees Examination Board awards a prize for the best disseration in each Faculty.

Internal and external examiners can nominate suitable dissertations using the Research degree examiners' final report (Office document, 58kB). Nominations are noted at the Research Degrees Examination Board at which the degree is awarded.

Further information is at the Research dissertation prize page.

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